Nutrition and Taste

Ed Hitzel

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This past Saturday’s Table for One radio show was very special. Our guests were Jerry Eisenban- the regional public relations manager for Caesar’s Entertainment, Chef Jach Whelan – the executive chef for Harrah’s resort, Ed Daggers – chef of Atlantic City Country Club, and Nancy Adler – my nutritionist. We also spoke to Don Marrandino, president of the eastern division of Harrah’s.

Special Guests

Chef Jack Whelan, Nancy Adler, and Jerry Eisenband

Behind every man is a great nutritionist.  As a food critic, it is important I pay attention to how much and what I eat. Why? Well, so I can eat more food. Food is delicious, but food is also fuel. Through studying nutrition with Nancy, I’ve learned eating healthy does not mean sacrificing taste.

Recording Studio

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Skilled Chef Ed Daggers prepared lunch for Saturday’s show. One of the dishes was right out of Nancy’s healthy cook book “Fresh Fare.” Take a look at these seared sea scallops and wilted spinach. Of course Ed put his own spin on the recipe, each great chef does. But the main point is, this dish was delicious AND nutritious!

Lemon Scallops

Saturday's Seared Sea Scallops (say 10 times fast)

It is possible to eat great tasting food and do whats good for your body. I’m living proof (well, I’m getting there). Nancy keeps my cravings in check. I taste anything and everything, but I EAT right.


OK, so sometimes I cheat a little.


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