Behind the Scenes at Hitzel A La Carte

May 2012′s taping of A La Carte was a blast! The special guests were Atlantic Club Casino, The Great American Chicken Company, Hank’s Sauce, Sacco Subs, and Sam’s Rialto. The taping was at Phillip’s Seafood at The Pier in Atlantic City. As always, there was great food.

Perfect Sushi

Chef Ulrich from Atlantic Club makes sure the sushi set up looks perfect.


You see my show on Channel 40 six times a week, but I figured I’d use this blog post to show you some behind the scenes shots of its taping. It takes a lot longer than you think to film two minutes of footage! Food preparation is a time consuming and essential part of Hitzel’s A La Carte.  Not only must the food taste good, but it needs to look great for the camera.

Me and My Script

Me and My Outline

A lot of info is packed  into each two minute segment! Above, I’m seen looking over my outlines and taking notes.  While a lot of A La Carte is improvised, it’s very important key information is mentioned about each restaurant. It is my job to guide our conversation in the right direction so every dish gets its proper attention.

Skinless Fried Chicken

Don't you wish your screen was scratch and sniff?

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Great American Chicken Company’s skinless fried chicken.  It tasted as good as it looks on camera.



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