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Ed Hitzel’s Restaurant Magazine is the respected and immensely popular guide to dining in New Jersey, including the Atlantic City casinos, the bustling shore resorts, among them the dining towns of Cape May and Margate, and Asbury Park, the culinary hot spots of Freehold, Red Bank, Haddonfield, Collingswood, Princeton and Lambertville and everything in between. You think we exaggerate? A stack of Ed Hitzel’s Restaurant Magazines, placed in the average establishment, disappears quickly into customers living rooms, glove compartments and offices.


Our Restaurant Newsletter

Required reading in many kitchens.

A critical and thorough report averaging 36pages, described as a newsletter, more accurately a bible to the southern New Jersey restaurant industry. Each issue features:

  • Two honest, detailed restaurant reviews with ratings. The best consumer guide to southern New Jersey restaurant quality in the marketplace.
  • A thorough restaurant news report including Atlantic City’s casinos. New restaurants. Personnel changes. Menu changes.
  • A historical listing of restaurant ratings.
  • A list of restaurants rated excellent.
  • Columnists from the magazine including Dora Dunn, Janice Gallagher, and Gary Monterosso.

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