Ed Hitzel’s No Salt Everything Spice

Purchase at one of the many stores below, or purchase with a credit card. Call (609) 909-9755

Ed Hitzel’s NO SALT Everything Spice is available at several locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in and around Buffalo, New York, as well as by mail. Call us at 609-909-9755 or check the drop down menu above under spices for the locations nearest you.

FOR SALADS, BREAD, PASTA, STEAK. LAMB, FISH, PIZZA, PORK, EGGS, BAGELS, COLES SLAW AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF. Created and manufactured in cooperation with Mark Zaccaria, of Cosmic Spice in Landisville.

You don’t have to be on a low salt diet to love our spice.

NEW Ed Hitzel’s No Salt HOT KICK Everything Spice

Introducing Ed Hitzels new No Salt HOT KICK Everything Spice! This seasoning is perfect for those who love spicy foods.It’s so good,even people who don’t have salt restricted diets prefer it. Try for yourself. Ed Hitzel’s No Salt HOT KICK Everything Spice is available everywhere Ed Hitzel’s Everything Spice is sold. Click here for available locations, or call 609-909-9755 to order by phone.

Food food that just needs a kick!

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